Gallery one Pt.2

Native American Artworks by Kesh-Ko-Sa. Prairie Band Potawatomi Artist Online gallery. NOTHING is for sale! Gallery One Pt.1 Gallery one Pt.2 Gallery one pt .3 Native American Links

Gallery one Pt.2

Shamrock Macaw Tail Fan

Pheasant and Macaw Fan

Pheasant and Macaw Fan featherwork

Pheasant and Macaw Fan beadwork

Oak Peyote Gourd

Blue & Gold Macaw Fan

Brickstitch beadwork

Oak Feather and Gourd Box with Waterbird painting

Black Ebony Peyote Gourd top

Black Ebony Peyote Gourd Beadwork

Loose Pheasant and Macaw fan

Lacewood NAC Gourd

Fan Handle in Peyote Stitch